Just Once

Just once I’d like to read a news article in the western media that talks about Yemen without including the line “…is the ancestral home of Osama bin Laden.”

I know Yemen is exotic and mysterious to most Americans, but come on. How ’bout shaking it up a bit with a “…where the kingdom of Sheba was believed to be located,” or “…famous for its unique architecture”? After all, they manage to describe England without including the line, “…where Osama bin Laden’s son Omar lives.”

Yemen has some beautiful spots. If they’d make a point of attracting tourism, they could make a fortune. And as one of the world’s poorest countries, they could sure use it. A serious obstacle to that, though, is the local tradition of kidnapping people for ransom.

But just look at it! So pretty.


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2 responses to “Just Once

  1. Mujahideen-GhoST

    Well… that is where Osama Bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda crew is hiding right NOW.

    Snarla, I’m a Muslim, but I will say this about my arab brothers: The arab world is too bad to be considered anything good right now. Soaring illiteracy rates. Oppression of women on the peninsula. Terrorism. Wars. Disease. Starvation. Immigration from Somalia (those brothers think they’re arab, they’re not, they’re black).

    You cannot blame the mainstream media for reporting on what is going on there with those terrorist in Yemen. They are my brothers over there, but sitting in your nice warm comfy western home and pretending like “everything is good”, or most of it, is exacerbating the problem, snarla.

  2. as a history buff, I’d love to someday visit Yemen… but, unfortunately, your funny line that they like to kidnap tourists is all too true… perhaps if we could solve the root causes of terrorism instead of fighting the result (jihadists), we could make the world a more peaceful place…

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