Funny Translation Mistake

The font’s kind of small. Here’s what it says:
English: I think the wrong person just left.
Arabic: أعتقد أن الشخص الخطأ اليسار
Long, probably boring explanation in the comments for anyone who’s interested.


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2 responses to “Funny Translation Mistake

  1. Whenever I see Arabic on the TV screen I take it as a challenge. Usually it’s just flashed for a second, not long enough for me to read it, probably because the producers figure it looks pretty and all, but it’s not like anybody’s going to read it.
    So the moment I saw these Arabic subtitles I jumped into action, trying to see if I could read it before it disappeared from the screen. The English was also pronounced aloud, so I didn’t need to waste time reading the English subtitles.
    So in the space of a couple seconds I was reading: “‘I think’–that’s good, ‘that the wrong person’–good, good, I’m not sure that’s how you’d say it but those words are correct, yeah…” and then the last word of the sentence, and this is where it gets hard to explain and it’s already not funny, but…
    anyhow, the next word does mean “left,” it’s just that it means “left” as in the opposite of right, as in “turn left at the next corner.”
    Still, points to NBC’s Community for trying. They could have just slapped some gobbledygook or some Farsi on the screen.
    Incidentally, the Palestinian character in Community is played by an actor of Polish and Indian descent, and his father is played by an actor of Pakistani descent. Just saying.
    It’s just that I didn’t realize the Palestinian character was supposed to be Palestinian. He looked Indian to me.

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