Use Your Best Judgment

If you’re riding along on your bicycle and you see a sign like this one, use your best judgment. Examine the shoulder before moving onto it.

road sign move to shoulder crocodiles alligators

also, watch out for trucks



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8 responses to “Use Your Best Judgment

  1. Mujahideen-Ghost

    snarla, I have a question, if you are an “arabist”, then does that mean that you support arabization?

    For instance, the arabization of Northern Iraq, Dearborn, Michigan, Iran, Pakistan, stuff like that? Because your blog here seems awfully ethnocentric and I think you might be an arab supremacist.

  2. Hi Mujahideen-Ghost, no, I’m just the traditional type of arabist, a western non-Arab who studies the Arabic language and Arab culture.

  3. Mujahideen-GhosT

    snarla, then why wouldn’t you go live in an arab country then? Perhaps you would like it much better, just saying.

    By the way, are you Muslim? Because you seem to HATE Christians while you make Muslims look like the next best, and innocent, thing around.

    Religious supremacy right there again, snarla.

    You even said the Fort Hood attacks were justified and could NOT be considered an act of Islamic terror, yet Christians shooting abortion doctors in the head is somehow very very evil. I would expect more impartiality and no bias on your blog, but I guess I was wrong.

  4. M-G, I’m sure I’ll spend some time in an Arab country at some point, but after all, one don’t have to live in outer space to study astronomy.

    I am not a Muslim, and I don’t hate Christians at all. I’m surrounded by them and many of them are very nice.

    The point of my blog is to counter the slanted news and misinformation clogging the internet and the airwaves. I have no obligation to be impartial, but I intend to point out anti-Arab bias where I see it. Pointing out anti-Muslim bias just comes with the territory.

    If you read again more carefully, you will see that I never said the Fort Hood attacks were justified. And Christian terrorists shooting obstetricians in the head is illegal and immoral.

  5. Mujahideen-GhosT

    You’ll find that trying to counter western media stereotypes through an internet blog almost seems like a cat and mouse game, and is about as worth it as trying to stop a knife with butter.

    Arabs and Muslims (I am one, hence the name) will continue to be persecuted against until western media either no longer exists or encounters a HUGE reform never before seen in media history.

    It’s a sad but unfortunate reality and dilemma.

  6. Especially on a blog as small as mine, that almost nobody reads. 🙂

  7. Mujahideen-GhosT

    That was probably sarcasm, considering you apparently have “232,240 hits”.

    Although, seriously, the effort is futile. Mainstream media is bigger than you and all the bloggers together by millions of times.

    The change, or destruction, must be from the inside, not outside.

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