I Didn’t Know That!

Landover Baptist Church’s website has a whole passel of quizzes to test your knowledge of religion (mostly Christianity with some Islam thrown in).
Today I took a few, did well on one, not very well on another, although I’d argue a few of the answers. Anyway, it’s just for fun.
Now I’m taking the Landover Baptist Biblical Punishment Quiz. Should be fun. Looks how promising the first question is:

1. What punishment did God say is mandatory for an unruly child?
a. None. God is loving and forgiving and does not believe in punishing children.
b. Mandatory time-outs
c. Stoning To Death
d. Deprivation of privileges; grounding

I know this one!


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2 responses to “I Didn’t Know That!

  1. You do realize that Landover Baptist is a comedy satirical site, don’t you?

  2. I do realize it, but that doesn’t diminish my enjoyment.

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