A Cartoon of My Own Devising

If Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s lawyers instructed him to use the Gonzales-Cheney defense:



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3 responses to “A Cartoon of My Own Devising

  1. the Christan’s are not doing well by making cartoons of prophet Mohammad [PB UH] we will not stay quiet Islam has given us teachings that do not makes jokes about other religions which we are following. may all the world give peace to Islam god bless all the Muslims Aammin

  2. Barat

    No I’ll admit you don’t make fun of nobody…….. you simply kill them rather than make fun of them.

    Don’t tell me you don’t either. I can list 50 countries in which muslims kill Christians on sight without provocation out of pure hatred. That my friend is the true meaning of persecution……… and those you kill because they are Christians are called matyrs. They don’t strap bombs to themselves and willfully kill themselves. You do it. Thats the true meaning of martyr

    No sir you don’t make fun of nobody. You kill them instead out of pure hate.

  3. asad

    Barat sound like an brain washed psycho, in simple words Christian terrorist….

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