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Mermaids of the Bronze Age

Remember my post a few months back about Islam and the eating of mermaids? A friend sent me a link to this very short news article about some research by Omani and French scientists that leads them to believe that Arabian fishermen of the Bronze Age worshipped the dugong.

Moscow, September 30, Interfax – Arabian fishermen of the Bronze Age worshipped the item of their fishing – dugong, a large marine mammal. This follows from a recent research conducted by a group of French and Oman scientists.

During archaeological excavations of the Arabian island Aquab the scientists found a sanctuary of the Bronze Age, an oval platform constructed of the remains of 40 dugongs where they discovered about two thousand items of jewelry and tools, Izvestia daily reports on Wednesday.

Dugongs could be treated by fishermen as early prototypes of fabulous mermaids because this huge mammal, which is now mostly living next to Australia’s seashores, can whistle.

Save Our Seas site, where I found the nifty dugong picture.

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