moron illiterate leet retard yahoo answers arabic question

This struck me as really funny.


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4 responses to “*Snort*

  1. Yet sad.

    Is there equivalent “shorthand” typing on the Arabic-using Internet?

  2. When people are using an Arabic keyboard, their Arabic is usually pretty close to the norm, at least as far as I’ve seen, but when people want to type in Arabic and don’t have an Arabic keyboard available they resort to Arabic chat alphabet, often making up their own version as they go along, and that can look really horrible.
    Here are some examples I posted before: https://snarla.wordpress.com/2008/09/27/transliteration-abominations/

  3. Yikes. The numbers mean the same as “leet type” in English?

    And on your linked post, font-size-wise: Are Arabic & English about the same in letters per word & words per sentence/paragraph? Could a difference be a reason for the tiny type? Paper not being cheap & all.

  4. The numbers represent sounds that we don’t have in English. 3, for example, is ع.

    In Arabic everything is spelled how it sounds and sounds how it’s spelled, so there’s no good reason to get cute with the spelling in order to economize.

    I don’t know about letters per word/sentence/paragraph and whatnot, but if I have a document that is all 12-pt font, the English is nice and readable but the Arabic is much smaller.

    م بوفانت Actually, WordPress is giving a perfect example here. I just wrote M. Bouffant for you. :o) (phonetically, not meaning-wise)

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