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Little Quiz

Which of the following news stories involves Muslims or Arabs in any way?

Bus driver doesn’t let passengers off bus until they pray with him.

Teacher of young children refuses to be fingerprinted because she believes her holy book tells her fingerprinting is “the mark of the beast.”

Vigilantes capture, torture, and behead a criminal gangster. On video.

A tightly-knit, religious “family” distributes drugs, assassinates police officers, and passes out holy books and money to the poor. They claim

they don’t kill for money and they don’t kill innocent people. However, their delivery of that message was accompanied by five severed heads rolled onto a dance floor.

Father runs over his own daughter because she doesn’t behave the way he wants her to.

Here’s a hint: the one that you’ve probably heard or read in the news is probably the one about the Muslim/Arab.

And on an unrelated note, here’s a cute photo of some cats and some birds:


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