Couple Things, Here and There

1- If you’re interested in the Rifqa Bary story, The Saint Petersburg Times online has a good article by Rifqa’s mother’s attorney, an evangelical Christian.

It will astonish many fellow conservatives as well as many on the left to learn that I, an evangelical Christian, have vigorously defended Rifqa Bary’s mother in court. And I believe that my former client’s cause is just.

When Mohamed Bary personally showed me photographs of his daughter in a cheerleader outfit when we met for the second time on Aug. 21 (he had driven from Ohio to Florida twice to attend court hearings), I knew that claims that he had no idea that his child was a Westernized and normal high school student were nonsense.

Knowing that the key facts first presented in Orlando were just plain wrong, and almost inexplicably wrong given that neither claim could possibly be known to anyone in Florida, I continued with my sense that something was “off” here, and kept digging.

And I also believe that many Christian conservatives have allowed themselves to adopt a narrative and thus reach conclusions about the Rifqa Bary case prematurely, just as we accuse the mainstream media of sticking to their preferred narratives instead of squaring their passions with reality.

2- Yay, Ali Eteraz is blogging again and I’m sorry that I didn’t know it sooner, but he was shy of the limelight for a long time. Anyhow, here’s a funny post with Five Reasons President Obama Can’t be Muslim.

3- There is an organized Muslim Day of Prayer on the mall in DC on September 25th and many Christians are losing their minds over it. They’re going to try to out-pray the Muslims.

“Son of a B**CH! Those lousy ragheaded imbeciles attack our country on 9/11 and that screech of theirs is heard all over that pit DC in the same month as the anniversary of the attacks?????????? WHAT NERVE! Deport em all starting with the one who illegally sits in the oval office!”

“Can we make sure that all the church bells, all the taxi-cab horns, all the bus horns, all the fire truck sirens, and all the police car sirens sound together to drown out the call?”

“How about some farmers donate a few truckloads of pigs to let loose to run through the capitol .. I am so mad I could spit nails… seriously WTF?!?! … WTF?????!!!!!??? The govt just SHIT ALL OVER EVERYONE who died on 9/11 !!! EVERYONE …. and EVERY family who lost a loved one… If THIS isn’t the spark that IGNITES some shit , then I don’t know what is…”

“I think our president is showing favoritism for his beliefs and allowing our capital to be turned into a worship place that has no business there! But big head Obama(the Messiah) wouldn’t love to be worshiped in public as their Allah! The Capital is not a CHURCH or place of worship or for giving heed to their king Hussein!”


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