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Favorite Cartoon

calvin hobbes flower rain

I’ve subscribed to UComics or GoComics or whatever for years, getting Calvin and Hobbes in my email every day, waiting and waiting for this one strip to come up so that I could buy an archival copy of it to frame and hang on my wall. And today was the day. And I decided not to pay the money. I’m rethinking. Maybe I’ll go back and buy it.

This really encapsulates humanity, especially the male half. How many times have I heard a conversation or read a forum thread where men state that they are, for example, “the mighty food god” to their pets, who in reality could out-hunt and out-scavenge them if not imprisoned inside the house. Might as well call yourself “the mighty prison guard god.” Meanwhile the women, who actually produce food with their bodies, don’t feel the need to proclaim their powers to the world.

“I am a god!”

Calvin’s malicious taunting of the flower, threatening to withhold its source of nutrients, is like every builder of every factory or skyscraper, thinking he’s defeated nature, only to find out that hurricanes are more powerful than you’d ever expect a little air and water to end up being.

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