Miguel Sabah, Team Mexico

It turns out I’m more interested in soccer than I realized. First it was just the Iraqi national team, and then the Palestinian team, and now I’ve watched the big World Cup qualifying match between the US and Mexico.

And what a game!

Anyhow, I went into it knowing nothing about either team and quickly noticed, “Hey, that guy has an Arab name!” That’s Miguel Sabah, who it turns out is a Mexican of Palestinian descent. And in my research I found some cool sites, People’s Geography, another WordPress blog, and Football Palestine, the unofficial site of the Palestinian national football team. I’m learning so much.

Not wanting to spoil anything for anybody who maybe hasn’t read/heard/seen the results of the game yet, I’ll just say that Miguel Sabah did his country proud.
Now that days have gone by and I’m not spoiling it for anyone: Mexico beat USA, 2-1. Miguel Sabah scored the winning goal in the second half.


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6 responses to “Miguel Sabah, Team Mexico

  1. Gustavo From Brazil

    hi, some one can trasnlate this words for arab? i wanna tattoo =)

    Isis (name of my girlfriend)

    if some one can traslate !!! ty !

  2. Yup, Miguel Sabah is mexican of arab descent, he was born in Cancún, city located in the state of Quintana Roo. He have scored 5 goals for the mexican national football team, and the most important is the one he scored yesterday against U.S.A.

    Hahaha… thank you, Sabah!

    By the way, he plays for Club Atlético Monarcas Morelia, in the Mexican first division.

  3. On top of everything else, Mexico has really nice uniforms. Green on top, white shorts, red socks. Awesome.

  4. Don’t know about Palestine, but Mexico has a lot of people of Arabic descent – mostly from Lebanon IIRC. I think there was a lot of emigration to Mexico from the “old world” besides Spain in the 19th century. Maybe mid 20th too (someone more knowledgable can correct me). Mexican ‘norteno’ (sorry, no tilde) and banda music owe a lot to German and Slavic immigrants – not to mention Mexican beer.

  5. IBES

    There is a big Lebanese community in Mexico. Arturo Ayub was former president of UNAM Pumas, Salma Hakey’s dad side is lebanese too. A lot came to mexico via the US before and during WW1 because of the Ottoman Empire/Turkish rule too.

    This link has more Lebanese Mexicans


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