Clash of Cultures

I’ve blogged about this before. In the United States and Britain, it’s generally considered extremely cute to dress animals in human clothes. On the other hand, in parts of the middle east, it’s considered a grave insult.

Here’s a recent case.

Apparently the movie I Love You Man includes a little dog named Anwar Sadat, named because he “looks like” the late president.

Rokaya Sadat, elder daughter of the late Egyptian president Anwar Sadat, claims the memory of her father has been sullied by a Hollywood film that has named a dog after him. Sadat has filed a lawsuit against Minister of Information Anas Fekki for allowing the release of the “I Love you, Man” in Egyptian cinemas.

One of the film’s main characters calls his dog Anwar El Sadat. In one scene, when asked if he chose the name because of Sadat’s political views, the character responds by saying that the dog merely looks like the former president, who was assassinated by Islamic radicals in 1981. The movie’s credits also contains Sadat’s name as himself/the dog.

Despite omitting the scene from the version currently playing in Egyptian cinemas, many pundits believe that it should have never been shown in this country.

“Any artist is allowed to criticize public figures and men in power like current and ex-presidents, but it is totally unacceptable to insult someone like El Sadat in a film,” prominent film historian and critique Tarek Shenawi told Al-Hayat TV. “It is really strange to find El Sadat, who is well-known and respected in the West for his peace achievements, get mocked like this.”

She really believes this was intended as an insult to Sadat’s memory. That’s what’s so sad about this.

Of course, cartoons like this probably don’t help:

so you can kind of see why theyd be sensitive

so you can kind of see why they'd be sensitive


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3 responses to “Clash of Cultures

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  2. Wow…that is a truly crappy cartoon, on SO many levels.

    Not the least of them being that the oh-so-blond girl would sure seem a whole lot more “menaced” if she didn’t look like a cheap department store mannequin.

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