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Deity Identification Fail

TBogg has a blurb quoting some moron who thinks the supreme being of Islam of someone other than God.

Said moron wrote:

Can you imagine the uproar that would ensue if the Vice President of the United States used the name of Islam’s supreme being as a curse word? They rioted all over the Muslim world when a Danish newspaper cartoonist penned a series of satiric pieces on Mohammed, so making “Allah” a curse word would likely incite far more serious violence.

And does anybody doubt that the editorial pages of The New York Times and other liberal newspapers would instantly demand an apology before further damage is done to America’s supposed standing in the world. Joining in that chorus would be the National Council of Churches, Democratic congressional leaders and, of course, CAIR.

This is the Biden quote that got the moron in a tizzy:

I can see Putin sitting in Moscow saying, ‘Jesus Christ, Iran gets the nuclear weapon, who goes first?’ Moscow, not Washington.

Well, I’m not going to argue about whether using an interjection is swearing or not. The point is, the supreme being of Islam is God, which is الله in Arabic and Dios in Spanish and Dieu in French. The only way this moron´s complaint would make sense is if Joe Biden had exclaimed “God” in his sentence, and I think it’s a safe bet that he has done so many times, as has almost everyone.

The word الله is used as an interjection and in compounds all the time by observant Muslims. It´s ridiculous to imagine there would be an uproar about it in the Muslim world, especially since everyone all over the world uses their own word for “God” as an interjection all the time.

Mon dieu! Dumnezeule! Oi gioi oi! A Dduw! Oh, Herregud! Boje moj!

Pobre pendejo, ojalá que se mejore pronto.

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