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West Bank Story

Coming soon to Netflix. The whole film is only 21 minutes long (this trailer is less than a minute).

From Wikipedia:

The film begins with a scene in which both the Palestinians and Israelis are both snapping, similar to the opening scene of West Side Story. The two parties head in to their own stands and tell about their own family-owned falafel stands, Hummus Hut (“Our People Must Be Fed”) and Kosher King (“Our People Must Be Served”). During the day, Hummus Hut employee Fatima and Kosher King relative David are daydreaming about each other (“When I See Him). Fatima then runs out to give a customer their forgotten leftovers, at which point she has a chance encounter with David, when they both realize the other likes them.

Upon returning to the shop, Fatima finds the Israelis have built a large machine that encroaches onto their property. The head of Hummus Hut throws a rock into the machine, making it malfuncton, provoking a standoff between the two families (including David and Fatima). Ariel, head of the Kosher King, decides he is going to build a wall. After they leave, David and Fatima stay and David says he plans to come to her balcony tonight.

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