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Awesome Iraqis

Despite the Iraq war, some Iraqis are doing some amazing things. Possibly because they fled Iraq a few years ago.

For example, this Iraqi immigrant to Sweden has done some math thing I don’t understand:

A 16-year-old Iraqi immigrant in central Sweden has single-handedly figured out a formula with Bernoulli numbers that is normally reserved for much more seasoned mathematicians, earning him praise from professors at prestigious Uppsala University.

Mohamed Altoumaimi, who moved with his family to Sweden six years ago, is a first year student at the Falu Frigymnasium high school in Falun in central Sweden.

Long interested in mathematics, Altoumaimi has spent the last four months toiling over his notebook in an attempt to write a formula to explain a number of complex relationships dealing with Bernoulli numbers.

The numbers are named for the 17th century Swiss mathematician Jacob Bernoulli and consist of a sequence of rational numbers which are important for number theory.

Altoumaimi’s high school plans to take advantage of the teenager’s skills with numbers next autumn by having him serve as an instructor for several math teachers in Falun and explain his work to them.

Uh-oh, I guess it’s not all that:

The Falu Kuriren newspaper, which ran the original story, said Altoumaimi was the first person to crack the puzzle and had enlisted the help of a senior lecturer at Uppsala University to check his formula.

But a statement published on the university’s website said the reports were inaccurate.

“Senior lecturer Jan-Aake Lindhal verified the formula, but added that although correct, it was well known and readily available in several databases,” the statement said.

Ah, the internet. You do a search for a little background on a blog post you’re writing, and you find posts like this on obscure message boards:

later he will calculate how to blow 50 thousand people at one time..

Keep it classy, internet troll.

And here’s another guy. This Iraqi immigrant to UAE does a bunch of extreme sports and intends to go into space:

He has been hailed as Iraq’s superman: a role model for the nation’s youth who flies, glides, dives and races motor­cycles. He has already made the Guinness World Records by taking part in the first ever skydive above Mount Everest. But last week Fareed Lafta, a Dubai-based extreme sports fanatic, returned to Baghdad to seek backing for his ultimate ambition – to be the first Iraqi in space.

Before he leaves the earth’s atmosphere, Fareed, 30, plans to become the first civilian to skydive above Baghdad since the war – a mark of the improved security environment. He has brought his rig and parachute with him and is ready to go as soon as he can get clearance from the authorities.

“Diving over a city that has suffered from war is recognized in the skydiving community as a symbol that the war is over. Because I want to say to all the world that we are now in peace, and it’s not war any more,” he said.

Raised in Baghdad, he left with his family for Dubai at the outbreak of war in 2003.

Mr Lafta’s web site is a work in progress. Check back some time. In the meantime, you can friend him on Facebook and ask “shaku maku?”

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