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Bits and Pieces

I’m having trouble coming up with a coherent post again. Here are a few odds and ends.

1- An Israeli tourism map used in advertisements in the London Underground was eventually pulled after complaints.

The Israel Government Tourism Office is withdrawing a series of posters displayed in London Underground stations featuring a map that treats the occupied territories as part of Israel, after the advertisements were referred to the Advertising Standards Authority.

The yellow map makes no distinction between Israel and the Golan Heights, the West Bank and Gaza.

2- There are no new developments in the lawsuit filed against Blackwater last year. I found this blogable because Eric Prince, Blackwater CEO, is a big Christianist who nevertheless deeply hopes that shariah law will decide this case. Why? Because shariah law will let his company entirely off the hook.

When asked to justify having a case involving an American company working for the U.S. government decided by Afghan law, Prince said: “Where did the crash occur? Afghanistan.”

3- And here’s a picture from Broken Picture Telephone that struck me as hilariously funny:

Turkey fails CIA entrance exam

Turkey fails CIA entrance exam

4- And here’s a really neato picture of Sana’a, Yemen.

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