Arabian Leopards

I didn’t even realize there were leopards in Arabia, but there are. Not very many are left though. The Arabian Leopard is critically endangered.

Here’s 21 seconds of an Arabian Leopard in the wild in Oman:

Arabian leopards are much smaller than African leopards and have little gold or yellow in their coats. They’re mostly grey-white other than their black rosettes.


I wonder if they also come in an all-black version.



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4 responses to “Arabian Leopards

  1. Oman probably has the most Arabian Leopard in the world. I wrote about them for a magazine last year you can read more about the Arabian Leopard in Oman .
    Because its so endangered the Arabian Leopard needs all the help it can get to survive .

  2. ynotoman

    Oman TV Showed the Leopard Film tonight with Hadi Al Hikmani – the clip you show of a Leopard in oman actually was not by Biosphere but a remote capture – by Hadi Al Hikmani – part of the Diwan team in Oman

  3. nageeb hasson

    i saw an all black leopard thirty years ago in shameer close to makbenna il never forget it

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