Terrorist Teamwork

Recently I blogged about convicted terrorist Terry Nichols’s lawsuit to get more nutritious food in prison. To remind you, Nichols conspired with Timothy McVeigh to blow up 168 Americans.

Now Nichols’s lawsuit has the support Eric Rudolph, a Christianist terrorist responsible for a series of bombings that killed two and injured 150.

“Medical studies clearly show that eating several servings of insoluble fibers daily is essential in maintaining good health,” Rudolph wrote in a “declaration” filed this week in U.S. District Court in Denver.

And nightclubs catering to lesbians should be blown up, apparently.

Rudolph said “practically all” of the prison’s food “contains almost no insoluble fiber. . . The longterm effects . . . is severe hemorrhoids.”

Luckily for these two, as United States citizens, they have access to legal recourse, just like all other US citizens *cough* Jose Padilla /*cough*


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