Ambiguities in Written Language

Ever since my cats have been old enough to appreciate catnip, I’ve wished I had something of my own that would make me feel the way catnip makes them feel. They seem so happy and joyful with catnip.

I think I may have found it, but it’s not a substance. It’s the web application BrokenPictureTelephone. It’s similar to the children’s game Telephone, but it alternates between pictures and text. It begins with text and ends with text, and I haven’t figured out yet how long it goes on in between. I’ve seen some with only five total posts and others with about thirty.

Here’s an example of ambiguity in written text. Technically, it’s not that the text was ambiguous, but that it was interpreted wrong nevertheless.


This description elicited this drawing:


When I first saw the drawing, I thought, “So why’d he leave out the rabbi’s red headband?” But when I read the comments later, I saw that the artist interpreted it as “red-head band,” which clearly appears in the drawing.

It makes more sense to call it graphic than verbal. That covers everything.

This game has had me splitting my sides with laughter. I dreamed about it last night.

I intended to add more pictures, but WordPress’s “add image” feature seems to have decided to conk out on me.


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