Jailed Terrorist Demands Better Food

A man who conspired to use a weapon of mass destruction, whose actions contributed to the death of over 150 Americans, is complaining that taxpayer-provided food in prison isn’t nutritious enough for him.

He’s claiming the food provided “violates his religious rights.”

According to the lawsuit […he] “is compelled to consume daily those unhealthy dead and refined foods that are abhorrent to plaintiff’s sincerely held religious beliefs causing him physical, mental and spiritual torment, and to sin against God.”

Who is this mass murderer the United States is coddling in a prison well inside its borders, who could escape at any time and kill us all in our beds? What swarthy, Muslim, Arab terrorist this, shamelessly and hypocritically using his religion to take advantage of us while laughing up his sleeve at what suckers we are? It’s Terry Nichols, BFF of the late, unlamented Timothy McVeigh, who blew up the Murrah Federal Building in 1995.

By the way, what is the deal with whoever wrote the Wikipedia article? It starts out “Terry Lynn Nichols (born April 1, 1955) is a U.S. Army veteran…” What the hell? He was in the army less than two years, and instead of saying “Terry Lynn Nichols (born April 1, 1955, is a convicted terrorist…” it starts out with his army service?

Oh yeah, and Nichols is also complaining about being “stereotyped” as a terrorist. He really is.


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