Water Flowing Underground

Is Michael Sells messing with my mind? I’m reading his book, Approaching the Qur’an, and in his discussion of Sura 85, he uses the phrase “water flowing underground,” a phrase I can’t possibly read or hear without immediately hearing the Talking Heads’ song Once in a Lifetime.
So here it is, for your listening/viewing pleasure.

Pointless anecdote: About ten years ago one of the young people at work said something about “that one-hit wonder, the Talking Heads,” and I set him straight. I had three of their albums, and they were awesome!

Man, I wish I could find my master list of all the best songs of the 80’s.
Update: I just realized I still had “Kermit the Frog” listed as a tag. That’s because I originally had a shorter YouTube clip of the same song performed by Kermit and friends. I don’t want to put them both here, but you should have no trouble finding it on YouTube if you’re interested.


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One response to “Water Flowing Underground

  1. jtothemo

    i’m a HUGE fan of this song. it always makes me happy.

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