Tracking Down a Football Team Jersey

A notion popped into my head to try to track down a football (soccer) jersey for the Palestinian national team. Because it turns out they have a team. I’m not crazy about their colors, but talk about an underdog!

It turns out that there is nary a Palestinian football jersey to be found. Here’s a blog post from last year on a blog I haven’t visited before laying out the difficulties. A couple people posted links, but those jerseys are sold out at this time or the links are broken.

It’s okay. I have faith that with the internet, all things are possible. In the fullness of time. And that’s my last cliche on the subject.



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4 responses to “Tracking Down a Football Team Jersey

  1. Well, these are interesting thoughts. I think they are true. However, everything is
    relative and ambiguous to my mind.

  2. Haider


    Any luck…I’ve been looking for ages and still no luck!!!

  3. There is a website for getting hold of unique and interesting sports jerseys and shirts. It doesn’t have a Palestinian shirt but you can set up a want list… you never know, you might be in luck.

  4. Hey, thank you very much, Jersey-Swap.

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