Newsweek Startles the Public

Spooky Arabic

Don't be afraid of a little Arabic

It’s funny, I first saw this cover in an airport newsstand. A few years ago, something like this on a plane could have caused flights to be cancelled. Now that I think about it, I should have bought an issue and carried it on the plane with me.

As I suspected, ignorance abounds on the internet about this. Some true patriots are refusing the buy the issue. Some are pointing out the use of Hamas and Hezbollah colors (I know, huh?*). Others cry foul because the Arabic print is larger than the English (if only real life were like that–tiny Arabic fonts are the bane of my existence).

I just wish they hadn’t ruined the fun by including the English translation. Drat!

*Well, since green is the favored color of Islam, and the article is about radical Islam, that might explain the use of green. Or maybe they wanted to evoke the Saudi flag. Only Newsweek knows for sure. Yellow, of course, is the official color of 2009.

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