Shoe-Thrower’s Trial Postponed

The man with the golden arm, Muntazar al-Zaidi, was in court yesterday.

In his first public appearance since his arrest, Mr Zaidi was met in court by applause, ululating and chanting.

He appeared fit and well, despite reports from friends and family that he was badly beaten shortly after his arrest.

But a BBC reporter who saw Mr Zaidi at close quarters said his right front tooth was missing.

The Iraqi TV reporter achieved global notoriety by his actions, which were celebrated across the Arab world.

Not just the Arab world. And as of today, he has 43,353 fans on Facebook.

In court in Baghdad, Mr Zaidi requested two more lawyers to be added to his already huge defence team, and the judge ordered a short break to consider the request.

The judge later adjourned the trial until 12 March, saying the court needs time to ask the Iraqi cabinet whether Mr Bush’s visit was “formal or informal”, the Associated Press news agency reported.

The trial is not expected to last long, as the sequence of events is not in dispute.

Mr Zaidi threw two shoes at Mr Bush during a press conference in Baghdad on 15 December.

He shouted that Mr Bush was “a dog” and the shoes were “a farewell kiss” from those who had been killed, orphaned or widowed in Iraq.

Mr Zaidi was arrested and has been held in custody ever since.

His actions were condemned by the Iraqi government as “shameful”, but he was celebrated as a hero by thousands in the Arab world, who called for his immediate release from prison.

The longer they keep him in jail, the more they add to his glory and make a hero of him. Now people are copying him in other countries,” he said.

Update: now he has 43,581 fans on Facebook.

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