Ersatz Erstwhile Extremist Admits Obfuscation

Alternate title: Faux Former Fighter Forswears Fable

UK Muslim Tells Court He Fabricated Islamist Past. When I read the Reuters headline my first thought was that Walid Shoebat admitted he’s a liar, but it turns out it’s not him, it’s the other guy, Hassan Butt.

LONDON (Reuters) – A British-born Pakistani man who said he had links to al Qaeda and had sent young men for terrorism training in Pakistan has told a court that he was lying about his past.

Hassan Butt, 28, told Manchester Crown Court he had fed stories to the media and that his portrayal of himself as a terrorist planner who later renounced violence in order to fight Islamist extremism was a fabrication.

He made the confession in December during the trial of a former friend, Habib Ahmed, who was subsequently convicted of belonging to al Qaeda. Restrictions on the reporting of the case have only now been lifted following the conclusion of another trial involving Butt’s wife.

“At no point have I ever been training, have I ever been a jihadi,” Butt told the court, according to a transcript of the proceedings.

Questioning Butt about his past, prosecutor Andrew Edis asked: “So, you were a professional liar then?”

Butt replied: “I would make money, yes.” He had, he said, told stories that “the media wanted to hear.”

The confession will come as a surprise to many as Butt was for years regarded as a leading Islamist who had subsequently turned himself into a proponent for “de-radicalizing” young men in order to combat extremism.

He has been widely profiled in newspapers, magazines and in television documentaries, and even met members of the government to discuss his plans for combating radicalism.

In a Reuters interview in April last year, Butt said he had spent a decade inside Islamist factions, during which time he said he had sent recruits to Pakistan. He said he began questioning his beliefs after the July 2005 attacks by suicide bombers on London in which 52 people were killed.

A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester police said Monday there were no charges against Butt and he was a free man. He did not respond to phone calls seeking comment.

It is not clear why Butt would have fabricated so much of his past, and even gone to the lengths of stabbing himself in the arm to make it look like he had been attacked by Islamists for speaking out against extremism.

Well, no, it’s not clear, but I think viable possibilities are that he’s what we call an attention whore, he saw an opportunity and he took it, he is one more person who saw a way to make a lot of money, etc.

Butt sounds like a funny name, but it’s not that funny. It means “duck.” I guess that is still kind of funny.

Butt (بط) means duck

Butt (بط) means "duck"

And to tweak Mantiq al-Tayr, here is a duck being enjoyed by a cat.

Cat enjoys duck

Cat enjoys duck

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One response to “Ersatz Erstwhile Extremist Admits Obfuscation

  1. mantiqaltayr

    Good for you for writing about this Butt character. What a quack. Walid Shoebat is next. I think he’s about only Arab George Nouri (of Arab descent who seems to hate Muslims) ever has on his show when he’s not talking about shadow people, space aliens and the Pyramids. Mr. Butt and Mr. Shoebat is a classic example of what I call the ISI.

    The kitty picture with the duck is cute. The duck really makes the kitty look nice.

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