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So This is How the Rest of the World Feels

Our president got his walking orders from the president of a more powerful country and hopped to it immediately..

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert boasted Monday that he successfully pressured President Bush last week to reverse course on U.S. diplomacy over fighting in Gaza, in an episode that could sharpen tensions between the close allies at a sensitive moment.

Speaking to an audience in Ashkelon, Israel, Olmert said he had called Bush last Thursday and convinced him that the United States should not vote for a pending U.N. Security Council resolution urging a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip.

Olmert said Bush’s agreement “embarrassed” Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice because the resolution was one that she had “cooked up, she organized, she formulated, she maneuvered,” according to comments reported by Israel Radio.

“And she was left pretty embarrassed, abstaining on a draft resolution she organized herself,” Olmert added.

“This is terrible for the United States,” said Daniel Levy, a former Israeli peace negotiator. “This confirms every assumption they have in the Arab world about the tail wagging the dog. . . . It’s a story you’re likely to hear quoted there for years to come.”

It almost seems as if everything Israel has done in the last three weeks has been targeted specifically at creating thousands of new extremists to fight against Israel and the west. You wonder why, until you realize that Olmert, himself, takes his orders from Hamas. Israel’s spokespeople keep saying that Hamas forced Israel to invade. So there you have it.

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