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New Blog to Recommend!

This time it’s not just a new blog to me, it’s a new blog altogether. Mantiq al-Tayr has commented here recently and just decided to create his own blog.

The events in Gaza have harshed my mellow recently, so I’m glad that bloggers like Mantiq al-Tayr are tackling the tough issues so that I can sit back and blog about unibrows* and houris.

Yesterday I went to a site that estimated the reading level of my blog and said it’s high school level. I don’t mind that**, but I’m going to boost my intellectual cred right now by using another big word.

Mantiq al-Tayr’s eponymous blog can be found right here. His inaugural post is a look at how the Washington Post sneakily lies to the American public (specifically about what’s going on in Gaza).

He’s a funny guy.

I’m happy to report that his blog is also on WordPress, which I like better than Blogspot because I can leave comments more easily with less stress to my antivirus software.

*I’m still working on the unibrow post. It’s hard to find enough supporting evidence.
**But I should point out that I am not in high school and haven’t been for over twenty years.

And just for extra measure, here’s a lovely photo of a hoopoe, to celebrate Mantiq al-Tayr’s new blog:

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