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Over at Controversial Polling they have two polls about the Gaza offensive.

In light of today’s Israeli bombardment of Palestinians, what is your opinion of Israel’s role in the Middle East?

(The poll is ten days old). To my surprise, “They are a victim, and justly defend themselves” is currently leading with 50% of the vote versus 49% for “They are a bully, and use their power unjustly.” 597 people have voted so far.

There’s also

What is the responsibility of the U.S. in the Israel/Palestine conflict?

The U.S. should do nothing! 75 (22%)

The U.S. should try to be a peacemaker. 80 (24%)

The U.S. should support Israel militarily and/or financially. 140 (42%)

The U.S. should support the Palestinians militarily and/or financially. 34 (10%)

With 329 votes.



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2 responses to “Participate in a Poll

  1. Mantiq al-Tayr

    The poll results indicate to me that polls like this cannot be relied upon. Those most likely to vote might actually care about the Middle East to some extent and hence only 50% are saying that Israel is the victim. In my experience, at good 80% of the people I come in contact with support poor little Israel against the Palestinians. Part of the discrepancy is also due to the fact that I live in the US and the poll may be getting input from people outside the US. Almost anyone outside the US knows more about what’s going on than most educated Americans do.

  2. That’s all true, and well said.
    It just pains me to see the poll looking like that, so I’m hoping to drive some more people to vote over there.

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