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Participate in a Poll

Over at Controversial Polling they have two polls about the Gaza offensive.

In light of today’s Israeli bombardment of Palestinians, what is your opinion of Israel’s role in the Middle East?

(The poll is ten days old). To my surprise, “They are a victim, and justly defend themselves” is currently leading with 50% of the vote versus 49% for “They are a bully, and use their power unjustly.” 597 people have voted so far.

There’s also

What is the responsibility of the U.S. in the Israel/Palestine conflict?

The U.S. should do nothing! 75 (22%)

The U.S. should try to be a peacemaker. 80 (24%)

The U.S. should support Israel militarily and/or financially. 140 (42%)

The U.S. should support the Palestinians militarily and/or financially. 34 (10%)

With 329 votes.


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