Islamophobia and Romance, Together at Last

The things one stumbles upon while perusing the internet. I was looking for new books to read, and through some strange twist of fate that can probably never be recreated, I found this specimen:

Allah’s Fire, book one of the Task Force Valor series, written by the dynamic duo of a prodigious romance novelist and a former Ranger turned author of Christian-military novels (a genre heretofore unknown to me).

Amazon is so informative that without reading the book I can know that the term “Ansar Inshallah” appears in it, and I’ll go ahead and assume that it’s the name of a terrorist group and not a character’s name, which would be funnier.

Ansar Inshallah isn’t a roll-on-the-floor funny kind of name, just absurd. Those words don’t go together. Ansar means “adherents” or “followers,” and in this grammatical structure it means “the adherents of…” A real organization with a name like this is Ansar Islam, “The Followers of Islam.”

Inshallah, on the other hand, is not a noun, which makes the whole “name” impossible and this is what makes me laugh. Inshallah is a phrase that literally means “If God wills it,” and is used countless millions of times a day around the world to mean “hopefully…”

So Ansar Inshallah would be The Followers of ‘Hopefully,’ which would be really weird. Kind of like The Followers of ‘Fingers Crossed’ or The Followers of ‘Here’s Mud in Your Eye.’

But I digress. Here’s the blurb:

A suicide bomber blows up a hotel in Beirut, killing hundreds of people. A young American woman is kidnapped in Lebanon by terrorists. Connected or coincidence? Despite the government’s difficulty in locating her sister, Liz Fairchild, a reporter from the States, is determined to find her…regardless of the risks. Meanwhile, Sergeant John Cooper and his elite Special Ops team hunt down Palestinian extremists in possession of a new undetectable explosive that will change the “face of terror.” When Liz and Task Force Valor’s paths intersect, more is at risk than their separate missions. While maneuvering through hostile territory, Liz and John realize they need each other to survive. Their antagonism gradually gives way to cooperation—and something more.

Employing my mad analysis skillz, I deduced that the titular “Allah’s Fire” is what the terrorists call their new, devastating, secret weapon that only Task Force Valor can stop.

I am not going to be able to bring myself it to read it, though. So please don’t consider this a review, this is just a tip. A glimpse.

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One response to “Islamophobia and Romance, Together at Last

  1. Mantiq al-Tayr

    Chuck Holton works for the Christian Broadcasting Corporation of Pat Robertson fame. He also co-authored a book with pardoned criminal and obvious wack job Oliver North. No reason to expect anything but trashy work. Even a first year college student could have told him what Ansar Inshallah would mean. By the way, on page 69 of this childish little tale we learn what Ansar Inshallah is. This quote is taken right off of Amazon. “… possibly his own people once the military began to retaliate. Yet he needed to somehow make it subtly clear that Ansar Inshallah, “The Followers of God’s Will,” was responsible for this act. …”

    Even funnier and at the same time sadder are the imbecilic comments of the people on Amazon who have read the book in question as well as other books by this hate monger.

    Gayle Roper is a also a Christian fundie type but she has some rather extensive publishing experience. Her website is here: I find it scary that she writes dialogue in the book for female Palestinian characters about whom she clearly knows nothing. It seems from playing with the book on Amazon that one or more of the female Muslim characters will end up converting to Christianity or coming close to it.

    By way, you are correct, Allah’s Fire is indeed the secret weapon.

    The book ought to be called Jesus’s Morons.

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