How Bad an Insult is it to Throw a Shoe?

Over the past few days I’ve had a couple acquaintances of Arab origin try to explain to me what a big insult it is to throw a shoe at someone. To me it still seems like throwing a rotten tomato or head of lettuce, and I know it’s supposed to mean more, but I just don’t grok it.

From what I’ve been told, you could only get the equivalent insult value here in the US by doing something that involved bodily fluids. Or worse, solids.

They tell me that even to say, “I throw my shoe at you,” without actually doing so, is like saying “@#$% you!”

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2 responses to “How Bad an Insult is it to Throw a Shoe?

  1. Blue

    1. You will have to board aeroplanes without your shoes. It is a ‘terrorist’ weapon of mass destruction.

  2. goblin

    Finally, someone has reacted to W’s “Bring it on,” and has brought it on with a pair of shoes. I noticed there was no smug smirk while he was ducking.

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