I Just Can’t Stop Watching This Video

Another off-topic post. I hope when the elections are over my schedule will get back to normal. Right now I’m spending just too much time on the internet.

Although, if you look at the phone booth, the Arabic lettering on it looks like it might be one of those copy-and-paste jobs where the text got reversed. We don’t have a very good look at it, as it’s nicely weathered by sand (seriously, good stage design), so even when I stop the video I can’t quite make out what the letters are. Can you?

Everything comes together in this clip. First, it’s all the same actors as the original commercial. Secondly, it progresses from actor to actor just like the original. But it ties in various issues going on right now in America, and manages to make it all hilariously funny.

UPDATE: I figured out what it says on phone. It is indeed a backwards copy-and-paste job. Should be الهاتف, “the phone.” I was thrown by the alif laam looking like a noon.


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