One-Question Quiz

How many times does the word “sword” (سيف) appear in the Qur’an? (Arabic, not English version)

a. 1-3 times
b. 4-7 times
c. 8-15 times
d. way more times than that
e. None of the above



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3 responses to “One-Question Quiz

  1. Salam,
    My answer is “e”, but I’m not sure. Al·lâh knows better.
    Congratulations for the blog, I like to visit your path.

    With peace.

  2. Hooray! The answer is e.
    However, I made a mistake in my question. The Arabic word for “sword,” سيف, does not occur in the Qur’an. However, the English word “sword” occurs once in Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s English interpretation of the Qur’an.
    I’m going to edit the original post now to correct this mistake.

  3. Yes, I saw it -in google books, amazing for scholars like us- after my comment, and I thought that the point was to show how something that does not appear in the original Arabic becomes a factual true in wertern translations.

    Thak you very much.

    N.B.: Of course, there were a lot of quotes about the “ayat al-sayf”. It’s normal, isn’t it?

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