Cultural Sensitivities

On the general subject of cultural sensitivities, here’s a story about a book and the guy who says it should be pulped:

[Harper Collins] is preparing to release an Australian version of an American book called The Daring Book for Girls.

“We present stories and projects galore, drawn from the vastness of history, the wealth of girl knowledge, the breath of sport and the great outdoors,” an excerpt of the book reads.

But the general manager of the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association, Dr Mark Rose, says the publishers have committed a major faux pas by including a didgeridoo lesson for girls.

Dr Rose says the didgeridoo is a man’s instrument and touching it could make girls infertile, and has called for the book to be pulped.

Touching a didgeridoo can make girls infertile. We’re supposed to respect this belief by destroying a book.


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  1. cat

    I’d be facinated to hear from an Indigenous Australian about this. I’m Aussie, though of the, anglo variety and my undestanding about the didgeridoo is that it is “men’s business”. That it is something for men, just as there are things that only women can do within that culture. I feel that this is commonly taught in schools and that most Australian people would know the “rule” and respect it, even if we don’t understand the complete concept behind it. I’ve never heard the “fertilitly” link before.

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