Not Quite a Book Review

I was really looking forward to reading Babylon by Bus by Ray Lemoine and Jeff Neumann (with Donovan Webster). Let’s just say it was a letdown. I don’t recommend reading it if you’re hoping to learn about Iraq or about how the Coalition Provisional Authority handled the viceregency after the US invasion. A really good book about that is Imperial Life in the Emerald City; Inside Iraq’s Green Zone by Rajiv Chandrasekaran.

Not to go into detail about why I was disappointed with BbB, but let’s just say that my least favorite minor personality flaw (as opposed to major ones like violent sociopathy) is the superiority complex, which these guys have in spades. If you happen to find a superiority complex charming, you will probably enjoy reading this book.

As for what you can learn from it about Iraq, whatever facts you can learn from it are mitigated by the incorrect information it presents. If I gave ratings, I would give it a thumbs-down.


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