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Equal Time

Crazy Muslim extremists have gotten a lot of press coverage. Lately I’ve posted about hopping mad Catholics. And now today’s story is about orthodox Jews in Israel.


“Terrorists! Terrorists!” shouted the boys. In the early afternoon, with the sun playing games with their senses, passersby in Jerusalem’s Sabbath Square thought for a moment that some devilish Arabs had holed up in the small store. A closer look, however, revealed none other than the “Sicarii,” a radical Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) group from the capital’s Mea She’arim neighborhood, demonstrating against some new perceived threat to religious observance.

The group had declared holy war on the MP4, the portable digital video player that can be used for viewing movies. When one of the demonstrators yelled, “terrorists, terrorists are hiding in this store,” he was actually referring to the harried sales staff who sell the “impure device” in broad daylight.

Even though MP4s are sold at several stores in Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox Geula neighborhood, the anger was directed at this particular store because it dared advertise its wares in a Haredi newspaper. Unsigned posters reading “Prepare for the great campaign to stop the corruption” have appeared throughout the neighborhood in recent weeks, denouncing the store for openly advertising “reviled devices that drag all who touch them toward danger.”

An amusing video clip circulating on the Internet shows an ultra-Orthodox rabbi preparing to give a lecture. The table in front of him is quickly piled up with MP3 players set to record the lecture. When the rabbi raises his eyes, he discovers the room is empty. Unperturbed, he takes out his own MP3, presses the Play button, and leaves the room.

I looked for this video clip on YouTube but didn’t find it. If anyone can find it, please let me know. Thanks.

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