Looking at a Map…

I’m reading The Tenth Cow by Aram Schefrin. I’ll write about it again when I’m done, but I’m not done yet. I blogged a few posts ago about the strange alliance between some Jewish/Israeli nutters and their Christian counterparts, all of whom are trying to hasten armageddon so they (the Christian ones) can get raptured. I can’t remember what’s in it for the Jews.
Long story short, they need this perfect red heifer so they can sacrifice it and then rebuild “the temple” so that the antichrist will come and worldwide war will break out and armageddon will commence.
One bit of the prophecy that I would consider to be a sticking point, which all and sundry seem to be glossing over, is that Israel is supposed to be attacked from the north. And with all the recent saber-rattling over Iran’s nuclear program, the nutcakes are expecting Iran to be the evil empire that makes that attack from the north. The problem, as I see it, is that Iran is not to the north of Israel. Is fudging the facts supposed to fool God? Because if it is, why not just spray paint the heifer with some vegetable dye?
Teheran is located farther north than Israel, but then so are London and Rome. And every European capital. Washington DC and Tokyo look to be at about the same latitude. It’s safe to say that an attack on Israel by any country from Mexico down to Australia can’t be counted as an attack from the north.



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2 responses to “Looking at a Map…

  1. You’re right – “north” is a pretty big place. The original theology presupposed that Russia would be the attacker, but it’s been fitted to current events. You can’t argue much of a threat if you argue that Lebanon will be the key to Armageddon.

  2. Wow, I’m honored! Thanks for visiting my blog. Wouldn’t Syria or Turkey make the most sense if the prophecy really means ‘north’?
    I could see where they could make the argument that if they rile up Iran, Syria will also attack Israel.
    Or maybe they just need to wait a few more years until there’s some other power to the north of them that wants to cause them harm.
    This issue is so fascinating. I have to remind myself that a world war is one thing, and armageddon is something else. Nevertheless, these guys scare me.

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