Father’s Day

You may think I procrastinated, posting a Father’s Day post on the day after Father’s Day, but actually it’s an old family tradition to celebrate meaningful days after the fact. Ask my dad, he started it.

Many’s the time I have thanked my lucky stars that my dad is no Homer Simpson. As cartoon fathers go, Dad is very much a Calvin’s dad, especially in his enthusiasm for camping and promotion of character-building.

Calvin's dad

I’ve told Dad before, one of my happiest memories is dancing around the kitchen floor with Dad, my stockinged feet on his shoes. If you’re a dad and you have a daughter, go dance with her right now.

Snarla's dad

Note the physical similarities between Calvin’s dad and mine.

Aw, crumbs! I forgot to draw pens in Dad’s breast pocket. I’ve known Dad to have as many as seven writing implements there, just in case he needed them. Like when he was lying on his back, under the kitchen sink, trying to fix a leak. ‘Cause you never know.

One day later, here’s an update from Dad (who does read my blog!):

I try to hold it to only 3 writing implements in my pocket now that I am retired. It’s not enough colors or mediums but i try to make do until I can get to an adequate supply.


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