Jumbled Thoughts

If you’re like me, when presented with many enticing options or tasks that need to get done, you sometimes get paralysed with indecision. That’s where I am right now.
Here a few things I wanted to blog about, but either couldn’t find supporting material or couldn’t do the research without going off on a million tangents.
1- Jon Stewart the other night. I think it was maybe Tuesday…there was a counter-terrorism expert on his show (it was a pretty boring segment) talking about how ill-prepared the intelligence community was before the events of Sept 11, 2001, and Jon Stewart was kind of pissing me off by repeatedly talking about how counter-terrorism experts don’t know Arabic. Now, I’ve blogged about there not being enough Arabic translators, so I’m not faulting Stewart for that, but the fact is that the counter-terrorism expert wasn’t talking specifically about Arab or Muslim terrorists, he was talking about terrorism around the world. It seemed like Jon was really going out of his way to remind his viewers that, hey, it’s not like speaking Tamil or Basque or Japanese or Spanish or Hebrew would help anybody understand terrorists.
One of my pet peeves is the media’s reserving the word “terrorism” specifically for people who are at least Arab or Muslim, if not both, and calling everybody else a “separatist” or “militant” or “nothing to see here.”
And I just need to face the fact that I’m never going to have the time or resources to follow this trend and make it obvious to everybody, and anyway, nobody’ll pay any attention to what I say, anyhow.
“Don’t pay any attention to me. Nobody ever does.” –Eeyore

2- Iraq soccer. They play Australia this weekend, but it gets zero coverage here so I’ll have to wait until I can find the final score on the Internet. Will they make it to the World Cup? It’s not looking real good so far. I had to ask my Dad to explain the playoff system to me, and now it seems perfectly logical as long as I don’t delve into it too deeply.

3- What’s going on in Lebanon. I haven’t paid any attention, which really bothers me.

4- Then there’s stuff that I remember reading some time in the past that I absolutely can’t find now that I want to refer to it. A few years ago some gasbag likened pantsuits to burkas and I really want to find that and take it apart, but it’s just not to be found. But my main point would be that I don’t think that one of America’s greatest freedoms is the freedom to get an eyeful of the anatomy of every woman on the street.

More later.


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