Blog Recommend Again

I hadn’t been keeping up with A Diamond in Sunlight lately, and it turns out I was really missing out. All kinds of stuff has been going on in Lebanon lately and I could have kept up with it if I’d been reading. A Diamond in Sunlight is in my blogroll, and I recommend you visit it if you want to know more about current events in Lebanon. With pictures!
Whoops, I mean A Diamond’s Eye View of the World.



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2 responses to “Blog Recommend Again

  1. Thank you for the lovely words, Anonymous A! I have a great time writing the blog, but some of what I write about is pretty fluffy :). Your compliment (and your recommendation!) is very sweet, and much appreciated.

  2. If your blog were just hard politics, it wouldn’t be fun to read. What’s interesting to me is how an ordinary person is affected by what’s going on.
    Your May 27th post about Hezbollah-affiliated workers planting flowers, for example, is a nice contrast to the American public’s image that Hezbollah is purely a terrorist organization and that anybody who has ever supported it in any way is a terrorist sympathizer.

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