You know those awful, black-and-white cartoon tracts you sometimes find in public places like bus station bathrooms? The ones that point out to you that enjoying Halloween will earn you a place in hell and that people who play Dungeons and Dragons are practitioners of black magic?
They’re the creations of “artist” Jack Chick, who has his own web site.
He has it in for all kinds of non-Christians, such as witches and Catholics and scientists. Most of his tracts end with the unfortunate ignoramus or scoffer standing before a faceless male entity on what looks like a marble throne, sometimes with rays emanating from the entity’s head.
Anyway, that’s what made me think of this vision of Jack Chick coming before his creator:

god is mad

Let’s see if WordPress ever works properly and displays the picture.
I don’t hate WordPress…I just get really frustrated with it. But it lets me have a post counter, and I like that.

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