Photo from Cute Overload

Here’s another photo of the most adorable of all animals, a fe nn ec f ox, which is native to the Arabian peninsula. The picture is from Cute Overload, which is a stupendous collection of photos that make you go “Ahhh.” They have a lot of graphics and ads, though, which might cause you trouble if you have a slow connection.

Ordinarily I don’t care for putting animals in outfits, but this kit looks FABulous.

P.S. I don’t know what the @#$% is going on with WordPress, but 50% of the time when I look at this post, the picture won’t show. If you put your mouse over the big, empty box where the picture should be, you’ll get a pop-up of the picture along with some key words that have NO relationship to the picture. One of the words is “puberty,” for @#$%’s sake!

I wish WordPress hadn’t “improved” last month or whenever it was. Criminently!


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