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Aramaic Fading Away

International Herald Tribune article about Aramaic, the presumed language of Jesus, fading away.

MALULA, Syria: Elias Khoury can still remember the days when old people in this cliffside village spoke only Aramaic, the presumed language of Jesus. Back then the village, linked to the capital, Damascus, only by a long and bumpy bus ride over the mountains, was almost entirely Christian, a vestige of an older and more diverse Middle East that existed before the arrival of Islam.

Now Khoury, 65, gray-haired and bedridden, admits ruefully that he has largely forgotten the language he spoke with his own mother.

“It’s disappearing,” he said in Arabic, sitting with his wife on a bed in the mud-and-straw house where he grew up. “A lot of the Aramaic vocabulary I don’t use anymore, and I’ve lost it.”

Long article. Click on link if you’re interested.
I really wanted to watch the Mel Gibson Jesus movie because it was supposed to be all in Aramaic, but then I heard how bloody and gory the movie was, so I never watched it. :o(

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