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Feel-Good Story of the Day

I love this kind of story.

The Muslimah Media Watch blog is where I found the link to this story in the Middle East Times.

First Muslim Woman Joins Israeli Air Force

JERUSALEM — An error led to the first-ever female Muslim Israeli-Arab soldier recently joining one of the Israeli Air Force elite units. But after the mistake was discovered the unit’s commander was so impressed with the woman’s ability and achievements that he allowed her to stay, breaking all the rules.

Its main function is to rescue and extricate wounded soldiers from combat zones, under heavy enemy fire in most cases. The unit also often helps rescue civilians injured during various catastrophic incidents.

Due to the sensitivity of the unit Muslims and Arabs are prevented from joining. Israel fears a conflict of loyalties should Israeli-Arabs serve in Palestinian areas or fight Muslim states.

There are, however, a limited number of Arab Christians – including Circassians – and the Bedouin whose tracking skills are much sought after by the Israeli Defense Forces, who are able to join, but only after undergoing strict security clearances, and the units which they can join are limited.

Unit 669 requires an even higher security clearance. Consequently no Muslim has ever served in this unit, in either an administrative or combat capacity.

So when the Muslim background of the young woman, who is a medic and from an Arab village in the north of Israel and whom the IDF has refused to name, was accidentally discovered there was consternation all around.

She had just completed her medic training course with top honors, and was immediately placed with Unit 669. Subsequent investigation later revealed that an error had been made, but due to her exceptional skills her commander insisted that she remain with the unit.


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