Explosion in Times Square Also Not Terrorism

Not to be a one-trick pony, but this CNN article about the explosion in Times Square this morning makes no mention of terrorism.

It happened in the middle of a city, the City that Never Sleeps. Admittedly, probably few people were around at that time.

NEW YORK (CNN) — Security camera footage shows a person approach a Times Square military recruiting office and ride away on a bicycle shortly before a bomb damaged the building Thursday morning.

I would consider a military recruiting office to be a civilian target, though others may disagree.

Authorities consider the bicyclist a possible suspect in the bombing, which occurred about 3:45 a.m. and caused no injuries.

Oh good, a terror suspect.

A witness at the scene saw the person on the bicycle, but couldn’t tell the sex or race because the individual was wearing a hooded jacket that “covered most of the face,” Kelly said.

However, police suspect the cyclist was male because the witness described the person as being large.

So…he didn’t appear to be Arab and that’s probably why the word “terrorism” doesn’t appear in this article.

Similar bombings have happened twice recently:

The blast is similar to two other incidents in New York, one in October and one in May 2005.

Both times, an explosive device was detonated around 3 a.m.

In the October incident, a bomb was detonated near the Mexican Consulate, shattering windows. At that time, authorities said the explosive device was similar to the ones used in a May 2005 blast at the British Consulate.

In both cases, authorities were looking for a person spotted riding a bicycle in the area.

Huh. Still no mention of terrorism. It’s almost as if no story will be reported as terrorism in the US media unless or until the perpetrators are believed to be Arab or at least Muslim.


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