“We Don’t Serve Your Kind Here”

*Whew* I was relieved to learn that the cashier was an actor.

“Real Americans don’t wear towels on their heads.” What the hey? I do that every time I wash my hair.



Filed under bigoted idiots, hijab, Islamic relations

2 responses to ““We Don’t Serve Your Kind Here”

  1. Roy

    That was painful! At first, I was encouraged to see at least one customer hang his head, as though in shame at what the cashier was saying, and then more so when a couple of customers spoke out against the hate talk. But then there were those other people who have a very odd concept of what it is to be American. It’s just sad, and it’s even worse that I know people like that! (I have family in Waco.)

  2. An interesting video, it shows that there are people out there who care about the world

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