Aw, Man…

The guy who went on a shooting rampage at NIU and killed six students studied Arabic and did a paper on HAMAS. Oh, swell.

I’ve tried to write this post over and over and I can’t write it straight. I can’t keep out the sarcasm, but then I sound like every Arab- or Muslim-hating blog out there. You should see what those ignoramuses are saying. No, you shouldn’t. It’s awful.

Maybe I secretly like all the attention that Arabic is getting these last few years, because I can understand and so many Americans can’t. Would I be jealous if a new bogeyman took the place of Arabic-speaking people? Maybe if Swedes became the latest rage, I’d feel left out, because I don’t know Swedish.

Even the newly-minted Wikipedia page on the shooter mentions his two Arabic classes and his class in the politics of the Middle East. It doesn’t mention any other classes he took during his college career. See, because none of them made him a psycho killer. Arabic did that. Or maybe it’s just that a desire to learn Arabic is a side effect of being an incipient psycho killer–I’m not sure how it works.

young man turned insane by Arabic

From that Chicago Sun Times online I site I found what is possibly the foulest blog I’ve ever encountered. I won’t say what it is, though.


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One response to “Aw, Man…

  1. Roy

    I hadn’t read anywhere else that he had studied Arabic, but I tend not to read articles about those sorts of events. I don’t need to know the details. That one’s an interesting detail, though. Well, people said he was smart, even if he was unstable. . . .

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