Michael Jackson Sings Islamic Tunes?

This singer is named Zain Bhikha, and in some songs he sounds exactly like Michael Jackson. Enough so to give rise to rumors that Michael Jackson has gone Muslim and is singing under an assumed name. Give it a listen.


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3 responses to “Michael Jackson Sings Islamic Tunes?

  1. Baboucarr Sey

    What is the fuse if MJ is a muslim? Islam is the religion of truth and anyone who embraces the religion of Allah Subhana Watalla, had embrace the righteous religion. MJ to be in peace and harmony convert now if you have not already done it. All the muslim ummah welcome you to the righteous religion. The religion of peace, harmony and sustenance. Allahu Akbar.

  2. MJ has done what I believe is righteous for humanity on earth. I congratulate him for the wise step.

  3. Salami Sherifdeen

    I love muslim….Thanks almighty Allah that am a muslim….I love this song ….May Allah Forgive and forget Miheal jackson Sin…Subhana wata Allah bless and protect we muslim from non-muslim.

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