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I Thought I Was Nerdier Than This

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Oh good, there’s a new, improved version. That’s more like it.

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God Says Woman is Subordinate to Man, Boy

Here’s a story about a woman referee who was not allowed to ref a boy’s high school basketball game because “a woman can not be put in a position of authority over boys.”

Crazy sharia law. Fortunately, in America we have the separations clause and Title IX to deal with these yahoos.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas activities officials are investigating a school’s refusal to let a female referee call a boys’ high school basketball game.

The reason given, according to the referees: Campbell, as a woman, could not be put in a position of authority over boys because of the academy’s beliefs.

The [Kansas State High School] Activities Association said it is considering whether to take action against the private religious school.

Gary Musselman, the association’s executive director, said the organization will not make a decision until it confirms whether St. Mary’s Academy has a written policy of not allowing female referees to work boys’ basketball games.

If that is indeed the school’s policy, Musselman said, the association could decide to remove St. Mary’s Academy from the list of approved schools and take away its ability to compete against the association’s more than 300 member schools.

Could remove. Should remove.

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