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Move to Desegregate Kuwaiti Universities

Story here.

It looks very promising:

[Women Cultural and Social Society (WCSS) Chairwoman Lolwa] Al-Qattami said Kuwait is a democratic country, not Islamic. “Other Muslim countries allow the integration of male and female students in schools and universities. Does this mean these countries base their laws on Islamic principles different from what we follow in Kuwait?” she asked. No immoral act had ever been reported since the establishment of Kuwait University (KU). This only proves that allegations on the proliferation of immorality at the university are baseless. The Segregation Law should not be implemented in universities but instead of studying the law based on humanitarian considerations, some MPs consider it as a moral issue, Al-Qattami lamented. Urging the public to take a unified stand against the so-called ‘backward’ groups, Al-Qattami asked the concerned authorities to focus on vital issues. “The international community is coming out with one discovery after another and has achieved development and here we are stuck with unresolved talks on women’s rights and non-segregation in universities,” Al-Qattami added.

It’s a good article. Here’s another snippet:

Meanwhile, Wafaa Baqer, a student at the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) said the implementation of the Segregation Law will delay her graduation for ‘incomprehensible reasons’. “I will not graduate on time if the required number of female students will not enroll the same subjects I need to complete. Instead of joining a class of male students, I will be forced to wait for a year or more until the required number of female students will take the course. How can this be practical?”, she asked. She said “some Islamist MPs who insist on the implementation of the Segregation Law send their children to universities abroad and force their opinions on us.”
“Don’t give us half solutions. If you want to implement the Segregation Law, you have to implement it on the streets, malls and all other areas. You have to be realistic,” said Jassem Al-Qames, reporter and graduate of co-educational schools and universities.

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